Super Hiney Trainer™Women's Compression Yoga / Workout Pants with pocket

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New Super Hiney Trainer™Women's Compression Yoga / Workout Pants with pocket!

Wearing these Hiney Trainer™ Workout pants will activate your Muscle Memory and automatically help get your Tush in shape! Available in great Vibrant Color Combinations. Compression pants have proven to increase workout effectiveness, form control, posture and accelerate results. Large pocket to keep your I.D's, phone or whatever else you want to keep with you!

These will be your favorite pair of yoga / workout pants ever! With built in Hiney Trainer™ lifter and support. Instantly start to shape your rear into that perfect position to take advantage muscle memory and get results faster! 


* These are sizing guidelines. Please take your body measurements to determine your most accurate size.

*if you're on a cusp of a size, go with the larger one.

  • Made with Organic Breathable 4-way stretch Sport's Cotton blend to give you long use, easy maintenance and long lasting (feels like you are wearing a second skin)
  • Designed with LOVE in Southern California (SoCal) by Alexandra Lechevalier 


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